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English About KYKK project

About KYKK and our will

In 2006, this project was launched: to bring the night scene of Kobe back to life. The city of Kobe was hit by the Hanshin Earthquake on January 17th, 1995. On that day, a city known for its posh and unique nightlife went up in flames. People’s lives were shattered and for a second, there was nothing left to look forward to.


But over time, the citizens of Kobe got together and worked hard to get the city back on its feet. And so it did the buildings, the streets, the parks all sprung back like nothing ever happened to the city. All came back except the nightlife. All the restaurants, clubs, and bars that used to be filled with Kobe citizens and tourists were left forgotten, their glory dismissed. Everyone complained of the loneliness that hit this city’s streets and left for other town’s for entertainment.


Project KYKK was formed to reverse this trend: It is time for the people who love Kobe to bring the city back to life. Every other Friday, KYKK introduces a restaurant and bar in Kobe where people get together and enjoy a Kobe style Friday night which is unbeatable.


Keep the party going !!!


Every alternate Friday, Project KYKK organizes a party in some restaurant, bar, cafe and/or club in KOBE. Com’on and join us and we are sure you will have a great time… join the party!:-)


NEXT Event: On the 8th Aug

157th KYKK party at Gohan-bar ISSA

Google map:

Organic Yasai Night  | 21:00 – 23:00 

All 4,000yen with Free drink & food
with KYKK wristband discount ¥500-
(We are offering a KYKK wristband for ¥2,000- on the day)

■Dress Code:
Free style

■Party Style:
Free drink and free food